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Welcome to Michalis Low Budget Car Rental, Corfu – Greece


With more than 35 years experience we have created an economy corfu car rental company with a wide range of cars in best prices all with full insurance and 24 hours 7 days per week  service and  no hidden extras.

Trustworthy and reliable with lots of free services and extras.



Is included in prices by default. The Renter has limited liability for damages to vehicles for categories:  A1,A2 with excess 350 euro (maximum charge). For all other categories the excess is 450 euro (maximum charge).

To avoid the excess our company give you the option of:


The Renter has not any liability for damages to the vehicle(not excess).

Insurance covers the total vehicle.

Both Insurances include:

Third party liability (TP)

Protection of Fire, partial and total Theft (FTW)

Driver’s accident insurance (DAI)

* The payment amounts of DAI are fixed by the insurance company.

Any Insurance is not valid when:

1) driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2) the car is driven illegally by somebody else.

Remarks:In case of a damage, crash, accident or hit Renter should contact us immediately in order to make a report.

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